Postcard from Indonesia by Connected Art Platform

Connected Art Platform called it ‘Postcard from Indonesia’ project in 2023. I was really excited when I knew that I could join the project even my work will be selected or not. But I just tried my best by following the instruction and submitting my art in the form of digital illustration (postcard size) to Connected Art Platform.

The announcement of participants 

The most excited thing about this project was all the postcard will be exhibited in Switzerland! Can I say it again—Switzerland?! 

So actually there were 2 exhibitions of ‘Postcard from Indonesia’. First was held in Switzerland on March 10th-16th 2023 at Siggenthal Pastorarium, Baden and the second one was in Indonesia on November 27th-29th 2023 at Pos Bloc Jakarta. Because I couldn’t attend in Switzerland so I just got some photos while the exhibitions held through the Instagram of @connectedartplatform but thanks God, I could attend and see my work (printed) at Jakarta. 

My super tired after office face 

Big thanks to Connected Art Platform for accepting my postcard and bringing to Switzerland and also in Jakarta. And of course thanks a lot who has looked to my postcard. May the love be with us forever <3


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