Bringing littlememoria to Yogyakarta

 As I told you, littlememoria brings me to so many experiences. It doesn’t mean we always win in every opportunities but at least we always try our best. Littlememoria is our (especially me) playground. Just have fun because we’re playing—and the happiness will transfer to others. 

That’s littlememoria’s mantra. 

I was so happy because it was my first time brought littlememoria went out from my city. It was Yogyakarta in the end of ArtJog season in 2022. With Pasar Keliling, I enjoyed my time presented littlememoria and made friends with so many people I didn’t know before. Joining pop up events is not just about sell littlememoria’s products but more than it, I always get experience to meet another cool people. From the pop up events, I learn so many things. 

Set up littlememoria’s booth just by my self :)

The events took 3 days but I just joined for 2 days because I couldn’t take too many days to leave hehehe. For the first time in forever, I also learned how to make batik like hand drawing batik (batik tulis). Using malam actually is not easy!

My trip to Yogyakarta was not only for joining pop up shop but also to take a look to Artlinx—where I put littlememoria’s products to sell. So happy looking my art in there!

So let me tell you a little bit about Artlinx. 

Basically, Artlinx is an offline store which sell so many cute and artsy things in Yogyakarta. You may search ‘Artlinx’ in Maps and social media. Artlinx provides we—as an owner shop to put our products there and they help us to sell it. There’s an agreement at our first time dealing for the cooperation. I can say to you Artlinx helps us to find our customers in easy way. They also inform us the profit we get every months plus the stock of our products. Please, if you once come to Yogyakarta, just visit Artlinx and you will thank to me later!


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