Bloom Baby! Bloom

 Hi little friends!

We know since the pandemic hits us, we sometimes need to heal our self and more than that, we try to build the mindfulness habit through journaling or making planning. So, littlememoria produces The Undated Plannes of 2023 as the iconic products from Bloom Baby! Bloom edition.

The planner is coming with complete set of bookmark, calendar 2023, greeting card, stickers and of course interactive pages in the Planner 2023. We can write everything day by day, week by week of even month by month. We can also writing/drawing everything we want because there is many blank pages and the excited one is the coloring pages! So littlememoria successfully sold the Planner 2023 and thank you to little friends for adopting our products. May you enjoy your time to fulfill the planner! Bunch of love <3


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